In a constant effort to improve their offerings to consumers, P&G regularly partners with SKIM to conduct research on how consumers perceive the products available to them. These studies can be quite complex when the details and subtleties of a specific product category are taken into account. At SKIM we are always conscious of how much time our clients must invest in setting up complex research designs, so we are working on streamlining the setup and delivery stages of projects.

“The overall impression from SKIM is one of professionalism.”
– Laurent Rochat (Sr Consumer & Market Knowledge)

Procter & Gamble: How do we approach this?

Each piece of research is evaluated with the market research expert at P&G to ensure we create an optimal study design – customized to meet the context, without making things too complex.

“The overall impression from SKIM is one of professionalism and enabling capacity. SKIM is the undebatable expert in their field, for one, which helps decision making out of the data; in fact, just the name of the SKIM tool brings credibility to the conclusions from the research. SKIM is outstanding at taking the time, and making the effort to make their expertise available to our business teams – the “after sales service”, I would say – to make the most out of the data and help P&G take short and long term decisions. SKIM’s availability, patience and speed in the treatment of all requests is literally amazing. On my side however, I realized after the study was over, how much more powerful the results could have been if SKIM had been even more closely involved with the P&G team” says Dorothée Boivin, Brand Manager at P&G.

“The SKIM contacts in both Rotterdam and Geneva were considered exceptional business partners. They were extremely amenable to work with. They understood the business situation immediately, were highly competent and when needed were very detail oriented, up to the point where they were able to amend inconsistencies from the inputs and set up of the research. SKIM contacts were extremely reliable and responsive in a fast manner to all requests.” says Laurent Rochat, Senior Consumer & Market Knowledge contact at P&G.

“SKIM’s availability, patience and speed in the treatment of all requests is literally amazing.” – Dorothée Boivin, Brand Manager P&G:

These endorsements are positive indeed, but also highlight the importance of involving the whole business team, when designing a piece of research. Hearing the team’s thoughts first hand on marketing, sales, finance and any other stakeholders, can be very powerful as it brings better understanding of the market and the business questions in hand. At SKIM, we are passionate about market research, and having business impact with what we bring to the table.

SKIM and P&G partnership moving forward: providing higher returns on research investments

Following up from this, the SKIM team is happy to set up a kick off meeting with the full business team interested in our research. This typically involves marketing, finance and sales stakeholders. During the meeting, business questions are pooled and clear expectations set as to what we will and will not be able to answer with our research techniques. As such, all members start with a clear view on what to expect from the research and what is needed to get us through the process from set-up through delivery of conclusions. This improves the returns on research investments two-fold: firstly it creates efficiencies in time to help set up our clients’ studies, and secondly it helps set us up for maximum impact with our conclusions.

Needless to say, SKIM is available for regular meetings with the P&G market research contact, and/or (part of) the business team to discuss progress and to see if the business objectives of the research are still fully up-to-date. Committed to actionable results, we seek to provide you with great answers.