Ten years after biosimilars first rocked their boat, how will biologics stay competitive against a pending new wave of entrants?

Biosimilars are on the rise and gathering momentum, rich with potential for health systems and patients but fraught with challenges for industry players. According to IMS Health, by 2020 biosimilars will start competing with biologics currently achieving annual sales of $50bn. For this sole reason, originator biologics manufacturers are now under great pressure to find better, innovative strategies to stay ahead of the competition.

Biosimilars challenge: Building strategic advantages to stay competitive

We shared 6 ways to add value with PMLiVE, providing biologics manufacturers with opportunities for developing strategies to protect their brand position in the market.

Below is a piece quoted from the PMLive magazine:

“At a broader level, many of the larger biotech and pharma companies such as Amgen, Biogen, Boehringer Ingelheim, Novartis, and Pfizer, have taken the strategic decision to develop biosimilars themselves, in parallel with their innovative research programmes.

Within a framework of tactically-oriented strategies, our research, observations, and experience in talking to payers, physicians, and originator biologics manufacturers underscore the value of efforts to:…”