It’s no secret Amazon has changed the way consumers make purchase decisions and provides individuals with a streamlined shopping experience. As companies, like Amazon, build on their momentum and power, the strategic and executional eCommerce challenges that brands are facing in a shopping context, curation, autopilot, disruptions, and decision behavior are extremely challenging.

Consumers (and Amazon) in this ecosystem are forcing companies to develop new go-to-market strategies. As a result, strategies, products, packaging, and bundles, optimized for online shopping and decision (and autopilot) environments, are emerging. However, Amazon and other online commerce platforms are quite unwilling to share consumer information with suppliers creating what are called “walled gardens”. As the brand chief at P&G states, walled gardens are here to stay.

Published on Greenbook Blog, our VP Client Solutions Americas – Mike Mabey shared how you as a brand can better understand and influence consumer decision behavior in this new and very fast-changing environment.