Standing out from competitive drugs and functional foods

Disease-specific medical nutrition products are often compared to a wide scope of alternatives – from health foods to prescription drugs – because of their nature (nutrition) and the health benefits they offer. Medical nutrition companies have to face the challenge to not only differentiate from other nutritional options, but also from potential competitors belonging to different categories.

How can you effectively differentiate from potential alternatives in consumers’ and healthcare professionals’ minds? How do you know whether your differentiators are strong enough to drive willingness to use or recommend?

Standing out from drugs and health foods

Depending on the indication area and the clinical benefits offered, healthcare professionals and consumers may compare a new medical nutrition product for disease prevention or treatment with various products already available. This range is often wider than medical nutrition only.


Why would consumers pay even a reasonable sum of money if they do not get a greater benefit than with a regular diet?
Compared to health food products, vitamins and supplements or a healthy diet, medical nutrition is often more expensive and require more efforts to get it (e.g. not available in supermarket).

Why would a healthcare professional recommend a nutritional product to patients when a reimbursed and efficacious treatment can do the job?
Compared to drugs, medical nutrition products is likely to come across as safe and less stigmatizing, but also as not really efficacious or clinically relevant.

The 4 other marketing challenges “How to market disease-specific medical nutrition?”…