Building a targeting strategy for disease specific medical nutrition

To optimize the uptake of medical foods for disease treatment or prevention, medical companies need to target both consumers (patients) and healthcare professionals. These two target groups have a different level of knowledge and different needs, and therefore require a different marketing approach. How do you best allocate marketing activities to target both target groups?

The consumer as key focus: new to medical nutrition companies

Major medical nutrition players used to focus on delivering medical nutrition for malnutrition (e.g. countering a lack of nutrients). As these products are covered by health services and insurers in most countries, medical nutrition marketers traditionally focus on healthcare professionals: the prescribers.

However, with consumers as final purchase decision makers, it is crucial to understand their needs and perceptions and how to best convince them to purchase these products.

How to efficiently allocate your marketing efforts

It is crucial to make informed choices about who to target and how to divide marketing budgets:

  • To what extent do consumers feel comfortable deciding for themselves whether to use a medical nutrition product for their condition?
  • How much influence do healthcare professionals have in the choice of certain medical nutrition products? Which professionals are key?
  • How best to use the “pull and push” strategy?

The 4 other marketing challenges “How to market disease-specific medical nutrition?”…