Increasingly, medical nutrition solutions are being developed to treat or prevent diseases like diabetes, Alzheimer’s, sarcopenia, HIV and obesity. Previously, drugs have been predominantly prescribed for these conditions, with medical nutrition traditionally only used to address malnutrition. It is therefore not yet perceived as an obvious solution to treat or prevent diseases. Successfully marketing these products presents numerous challenges.

Disease-specific medical nutrition: A new health product category

“Disease-specific medical nutrition” can be considered as a new product category: positioned between medications available from pharmacies and drug stores on the one hand, and health foods sold in supermarkets on the other. Most health services and insurers currently don’t cover the cost of these nutritional products for disease prevention or management. Consumers (patients) are therefore the final decision makers while healthcare professionals often remain strong influencers.


Learn how to face these medical marketing challenges!

We are publishing a series of articles that discuss the challenges these marketers have to face, based on our research experience on marketing medical nutrition over the last few years:

  1. How to create awareness of this new health product category
  2. Who to target: healthcare professionals or consumers?
  3. How to create desire amongst different target groups
  4. How to highlight the unique value of disease-specific medical nutrition
  5. How to set the right price for disease-specific medical nutrition