One of our main areas of expertise is pricing research, particularly applied in consumer packaged goods. SKIM is a preferred price research supplier to global companies and brands, and we think it is time to give back and share this wealth of knowledge with our clients. You can help us collect the knowledge of 10 years of price sensitivity studies and turn it into conference papers and business presentations. This is a unique opportunity to tap into a wealth of primary data coming from one of the most sophisticated experimental price sensitivity measurement tools in the world.

The assignment

The assignment is to assess promotion effectiveness. Promotions are increasingly important to
drive business results and, in many CPG markets, more than 50% of volume is sold on
promotion. That’s why it is important to know when and where each type of promotion is most
effective. We have included various kinds of promotions in our price sensitivity studies and it
would be your role to assess the effectiveness of each type within and across studies. We will
use the results of this internship in a future cycle of in-office presentations to our clients. You
may be the one to take the stand!

Activities in the assignment include:

  • Update the pricing research database containing the key parameters of the promotions to facilitate the analysis.
  • Carry out a meta-analysis of promotions and their effects on consumer demand across studies to identify promotion effectiveness drivers and to identify the most effective promotion in certain categories and under certain conditions.
  • Write a research paper and presentation about the results, and present it to a client.
  • Optionally, you may work on a way to incorporate temporary promotions into an annual volume model.