This internship example is relevant for master students in bio-medical, pharmaceutical, health sciences, or equivalent; preferably in combination with a business specialization.

At SKIM, we’re always looking for new methodologies and opportunities that help us stay at the forefront of market research. Within the pharmaceutical industry, oncology drug development is one of the largest areas in which growth is expected in the coming years. The oncology market is often seen as the most diverse indication area, with an estimated 900 clinical trial programs currently underway. It is estimated that there are more than 200 different types of cancer and therefore the oncology market presents a unique set of challenges to the industry.

Over the past years, SKIM has worked with many pharmaceutical companies to address challenges they are faced with when launching innovative products on the oncology market. Now it is time to further build SKIM’s credentials as an expert in the oncology area by extracting higher-level insights from the accumulated knowledge gained during these collaborations.

The main objective of this internship assignment is to develop a marketing strategy for SKIM towards its clients in order to promote the oncology expertise that we have gained over the past years.

Possible steps to achieve this objective could be (to be aligned with you and your university):

  • Extract insights from accumulated oncology research projects
  • Understand what makes physicians tick across different oncology indications
  • Develop materials to showcase our oncology expertise to clients (such as a whitepaper, website article or a capabilities presentation for clients)
  • Develop internal training with the purpose of knowledge sharing on this topic across the SKIM Healthcare team