Now, more than ever, healthcare companies consider patient recruitment to be a great source of relevant insights when new products are being developed or feedback is needed on patient support programs.

In a 30-minute SKIM webinar on October 25th, our fieldwork team shared best practices in patient recruitment and moderation. Get the downloadable slides and playback the recording below.

Webinar “Best practices in patient recruitment and moderation”

Presented by:
Ana Edelenbosch, Senior Research Executive in Rotterdam
Marcel Slavenburg, Research Director Qualitative & Moderator in Rotterdam
Jeroen van den Hoven, Research Manager & Moderator in Rotterdam

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About the webinar

At SKIM, we have seen a remarkable increase in the patient work we have conducted for our clients in the past years, with patients being meaningfully engaged in different types of market research at all stages.

As a result, we have gained the experience and knowledge enabling us to serve our clients, and thus your clients, best in the area of patient research. But how do we recruit these people? How do we ensure participation and keep them engaged throughout the interviews?

In this webinar, we shared best practices in recruitment and moderation to effectively handle, manage and overcome challenges when setting-up and conducting qualitative research with patients. Next to that, Marcel and Jeroen, our in-house moderators with extensive experience in both recruiting patients and moderating interviews and sessions involving patients, shared their experiences and aimed to inspire you with their stories.

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