It all started with a simple urgent request: AT&T, one of the biggest US telecom provider, needed to test new messages and asked for recommendations for message to use in 3 weeks. This was to give the creative team enough time to create the ads. At that time, it was typically taking 6 weeks to conduct message tests, concept tests, and print ad tests. Today, we have cut the 3-week timeline even more drastically, enabling us to deliver AT&T message test insights within 24 hours.

On March 2, 2017 we shared with you the 3-year lessons that we and AT&T have learned so far: the steps, challenges, processes, and changes we both needed in order to deliver insights faster. We also showed example templates and processes we are using with AT&T to achieve fast turnaround.

What you learn in this webinar

Back at the time of AT&T requests, every project was ad hoc custom work. So this seemingly simple but challenging request started SKIM and AT&T on a 3-year and continuing journey to streamlining research and insights processes.

Here are the lessons we’d like to share with you:

  • This kind of speed is only feasible with a solid partnership between client and agency
  • Breaking up key business questions into researchable sections allows you to pick and choose templated, pre-standardized modules for each rush study
  • Work with the client to define what deliverables and insights are going to be used