On Friday, June 20th, we hosted the webinar “High potential global claims: creation and validation”, as part of our spring cycle of SKIM webinars.

About the webinar

Managers of global brands often have to strike a balance between effective positioning in each country and a consistent global strategy. In our webinar, we used a business case to showcase a practical solution to this dilemma.

We shared how a leading personal care brand could identify the best global benefit area and the most effective way to claim it in each country. We provided examples of region-specific differences in claims preference, and share practical tips on how to build claims that are effective in every region.

We also introduced our evolutionary approach that we recently developed at SKIM, which allows the testing of any number of claims, relieving technical boundaries of previous research methods. This new tool enables powerful exploration of new benefit areas and cross-testing of all claims between countries, making sure that no high potential benefit area is ever overlooked.


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