We hosted the webinar “Genuine people, real love: The ‘art’ of finding the right match”, as part of our monthly SKIM webinar sessions.

About the webinar

Presented by: Ana Edelenbosch, Senior Research Executive at SKIM

We are facing an ever changing market driven by enormous technological advancements and, as an inevitable response to these developments, the need of quicker decision making to anticipate rapid changes in the market is steadily growing. Time frames decrease from a couple of months to a couple of weeks and while the industry has already found ways to suit itself to the modern decision making process and fit the increasingly short timelines, the ‘art’ of finding the right respondent has become more complex. But is this ideal?

This webinar addressed the need to revisit the screening process to accommodate shorter time to insights. The recruitment process is ready for an overhaul.

Join Ana and learn how ‘profile recruitment’ is bringing recruitment to this next level.