With the massive acceleration of online shopping and intensification of competition, brands face a fierce battle to win consumers online.

Optimizing your online product assortment, prices and promos is more essential than ever.

Do you know the best practices that can give you a competitive edge?

  • Since each online retailer offers shoppers a different experience, you need to know why consumers opt for one site over another. Knowing this information and what type of products shoppers are looking for, lets you better tailor your product assortment to fit each online channel.
  • Shoppers are bombarded with an almost infinite number of products online. Knowing how they search, filter and sort can help you improve your product’s visibility. Discovering how online shoppers make decisions in your category can directly impact sales.

Many consumers are trying online shopping for the first time. Now is the time to adopt these proven eCommerce strategies – to create loyalty and win consumers.

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Mini Kalivianakis, eCommerce Practice Lead, EMEA
Joey Ophof,
Senior Analyst