For your next trip, imagine you can go straight to your hotel room by-passing the check-in counter ― this is how W Hotel is redefining the guest arrival journey with the SPG Keyless app. Customer satisfaction at each touch-point of this arrival journey may be high, but the overall experience may not meet their expectations.

Customer Journey: what keyless check-in teaches us

Presented by:
Wessel Roose, Research Manager, and Patricia Dominguez, Senior Research Analyst
Alex Xiaoguang Zhu, Manager, and Sanjay Sugarek, Manager

What you learn from this webinar

By taking a journey view, the check-in experience can be evaluated above individual touch-points, revealing underlying expectations. Hence, marketers should go beyond traditional metrics to determine and understand customer experience within the context of customer journey.

In this month’s webinar, we shared insights from our decision journey mapping studies showing the tremendous value when understanding customer experience from this perspective.