On Thursday, October 30th, we hosted two free webinar sessions on speeding up your research from 6 weeks to 6 days, as part of our monthly SKIM webinar sessions. SKIM’s Chairman and Founder, Dirk Huisman, shared his vision on how our profession will need to adapt to achieve this.

About the webinar

Being able to get answers immediately by simply searching online has changed everyone’s expectations, also in the business world. With that comes the growing need and desire to get insights immediately, without taking away from the solidity of the solutions. As customer insights professionals, more than ever, we need to deal with intertwined streams of information, accommodate for the use of mobile devices, and consider both rational and emotional drivers. This goes for both the agency as well as the client side.

SKIM Chairman, Dirk Huisman, shared 5 converging trends in insights generation that will define the 2020 reality for market research and the new skill sets required of insights specialists to handle this new environment. He shared how agile market research has helped SKIM to get quality insights, within 6 days instead of 6 weeks, and the processes and tools we are leveraging to move faster and be more efficient.

Presented by: Dirk Huisman, Chairman and Founder of SKIM
Thursday, October 30th

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