Voice applications help us manage lives, be in control, facilitate, assist, inform and entertain. With the number of voice-activated speakers on the rise, it is likely the entire consumer landscape will soon change as a result. So how are digital assistants impacting consumer decision behavior and what does this mean for your brand?

At the upcoming VMÖ Event “Insights Austria”, we will explore the rapid adoption of voice technology, and addressed the questions that brands should be asking. We will share insights from our research in the US, UK and Germany including:

  • Consumer attitudes and usage of voice technology and digital assistants,
  • Implications of voice technology on the path to purchase,
  • Where and how brands can start experimenting with voice marketing, and
  • Recommendations for marketers developing a digital assistant strategy.

Best-Case: Digitale Sprachassistenten – Wie gehen Kunden mit Alexa und Co. um? (in German)
Date and time: TBD
Presenter: Julia Görnandt, Director, Germany, SKIM