Kellogg’s is a global business in an extremely competitive industry, with many global and regional brands. Regional teams need fast and ongoing access to information and insights on how to successfully manage their brands.

To provide support and guidance globally, Kellogg’s research leadership decided to build an agile, fast response, global insights platform.

At The Quirks Event Chicago we discussed Kellogg’s global platform for capturing, leveraging and managing research insights generated around the world, including the challenges, benefits and best practices uncovered during the implementation.

Session attendees learned how our mobile-first Unspoken® methodology quickly allows us to derive answers (without asking questions) and provides results that can be compared globally without scale bias. They also learned the process and value of standardization and the long term global impact of developing a knowledge ecosystem.

Date: Tuesday, April 2nd
Time: 10:45 am – 11:15 am
Location: Room 4, Navy Pier Festival Hall B (Use Entrance 2)


Remy Denton
Remy Denton, Director of Research & Atlanta Location Manager
Sebastian Schuliaquer – I&P Global Director Breakfast, Kellogg’s

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