Thursday 29 Oct 2015

How to make your product fit for a market full of choices at Research and Results (R&R)

Give customers the freedom they want and they’ll reward you for it

We hosted a workshop on analyzing customers’ decision behavior in telecom and technology industries at this year’s Research & Results trade show conference in Munich, Germany. During our session, we shared how to research and influence your customers’ purchase decision making in a market full of choices.

Decisions after decisions: How you can help your clients

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About the presentation

Presented by:
Julia Görnandt, Senior Research Analyst at SKIM

Research & Results; Conference Day 2
Thursday, October 29, 13:00-13:45, Room 7
MOC Convention Center, Munich, Germany

In a world of proliferating choices, how do you get customers to choose your product? Providers in telecom and technology industries do not only struggle with rapidly changing markets and fierce competition, but also with increasingly demanding customers who have a multitude of options at their fingertips. Do you give your customers full freedom of choice allowing them to create their individual product or do you present them with selected predefined packages?