Tuesday 25 Apr 2017 Orlando, US

Presenting The Patient Journey Evolution at PMRG CONNECT 2017

We are looking forward to share with you our pilot study on “The Patient Journey Evolution” at the 3-day PMRG CONNECT 2017 event.

Traditional patient journey research often falls short on actions and serves primarily as a descriptive framework used to generally understand how patients progress from symptoms to treatment. But what if we want to get more from the research?

Can patient journey research answer key business questions and ultimately, what do we hope to get out of patient journey research? Can we borrow from work we’re doing in consumer research to inform us?

This track is appropriate for new insights professionals and directors of insights teams. The technique we’ll present also has broad application to take patient journey research to a more quantitative and actionable level. During the session, we will include a demo link to allow attendees to experience the research methodology on their laptop, tablet or mobile device.

Presentation date: April 25, 2017 at 4:00 PM
Presented by: Bill Salokar and Alex Xiaoguang Zhu
Location: Bonaire 1-2

Insights during The Patient Journey Evolution

The rise of patient consumerism means that patients are increasingly empowered by expanding information and choices. They are confident and willing to take greater control of their own health. In the past, the patient journey framework — despite its name — has taken more of a pharma-oriented view than a patient view. It was essentially a treatment journey. As the pharma commercial model evolves to become more patient-centric, a new framework is emerging that is centered around patient needs, emotions and behaviors at key moments.

The other dimension of evolution is whether we can have more granular data including:

  • touchpoints,
  • behaviors,
  • expectations and experience gaps at these micro-moments beyond a descriptive framework used to understand from symptoms to treatment.

Can we approach it with a quantitative thinking and focus on the leverage points?

Building upon this patient-centric backbone, pharma brands can overlay clinical and treatment approaches and uncover gaps in patient experiences. This approach helps pharma brands realign brand messaging, digital assets and patient support programs with patient needs at key moments.

In our attempt to develop a solution, we developed a starting framework for piloting a new approach. And looking beyond our current initiative, we envision integration of patient information through Electronic Medical Records to paint an ever richer picture of the journey from the patient’s perspective coupled with the information that will lead to integrated and actionable insights.

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