Monday 5 Oct 2015

SKIM at PMRG: Decision behavior and the next generation of patient support programs

The 2015 PMRG Institute, October 4-6 in Philadelphia, focused on challenges and opportunities facing healthcare marketing researchers in today’s increasingly complex and dynamic marketplace. In a post ACA, data rich world, what will the next generation of healthcare marketing research look like?

Two of our leading healthcare marketing research experts explored important and evolving healthcare marketing research topics. Get slides and downloads from their presentations below:

In-the-moment mobile research: Capturing emotional and rational decision making in healthcare

Presentation session by Jessica Ma, Director, Global Commercial Intelligence Leader, Janssen Pharmaceuticals and Megan Long, Senior Analyst, SKIM

If you are unable to view the slides on this page or you’d like to download the presentation file, click here to view our slides on SlideShare.

About the presentation

For years, market researchers have searched for a balance between speed and depth of insights, qualitative versus quantitative, and rational versus emotional. Traditional qualitative interviews can be expensive and time-consuming, and respondents are often uncomfortable discussing emotions during traditional interviews. Quantitative methods can be faster, yet the emotional factors behind decision making are lost over time, replaced by rationalization and generalization of treatment decisions.

In-the-moment research provides an innovative method to tackle these age old problems by seamlessly melding qualitative and quantitative, emotional and rational. By connecting with physicians directly after patient contact, we are able to receive patient-specific insights that explore both the emotional and rational components of treatment decision making, and better guide strategic brand decisions based on these insights.

In their presentation, attendees heard two leading healthcare research perspectives: Jessica Ma providing client side insights, and Megan Long providing a research consultant’s viewpoint.

Redefining the role of patient support programs: Shifting the focus towards patient-centric offerings

Poster session by Ashley Ocvirk, Senior Analyst, SKIM Healthcare

If you are unable to view the slides on this page or you’d like to download the presentation file, click here to view our slides on SlideShare.

Learn how to reinvent patient support programs by identifying which services are most valued by patients and focusing resources on patient-centric enhancements and personalization.

The recent shift toward consumerism and patient empowerment is driving companies to reevaluate the role and design of patient support programs. Historically, pharmaceutical manufacturers implemented support programs largely as a way to address patient non-adherence. These programs were often single-based solutions designed to meet mass market needs. Next generation patient support programs will go beyond simple adherence to address holistic disease management through individualized, patient-centric service offerings.

Using a case study, we illustrated:

  • How to evaluate your current patient support program offerings, using a combination of standard and non-standard metrics and exercises
  • Re-define what “value” means in a world of patient-centricity and personalized care
  • Assess the impact/ROI of potential new service offerings and enhancements