On March 14, 2013, we hosted the webinar “Menu-Based Conjoint: a new method”. The session, hosted by Paolo Cordella and Stefan Ammerlaan, was attended by clients from all over the world. We gladly share the presentation video and slides with you.

About the webinar

Consumer choices are getting more complex, facing full ranges of options to pick and personalize. This is an increasing challenge for marketers; with the difficult choice to offer the right product configuration at the right price. We can now model and predict complex consumer choices, such as menu-based or personalized offers. Menu-Based Conjoint (MBC) is the optimal methodology that can help marketers in offering the optimal product configuration. With the use of an entertaining fictional case study (without too many technical details), we introduce this new methodology showing the special insights you can gain and the scope of its application.

Please note that loading the webcast on this webpage might take some time due to the length of the video. If it takes too long, it might be helpful to click here to view the video on YouTube.com.

If you are unable to view the slides on this page or you’d like to download the presentation file, click here to view our slides on slideshare.