Whether we are struggling with personal health issues or going through a global pandemic, health information is crucial to modern life. Health information underlies many, if not all, decisions made by healthcare professionals and patients, particularly when it comes to decision-making on treatments. But where does that information come from? Where and when do patients look for information, and why? When do they avoid information?

These are all relevant questions to both market researchers and pharmaceutical marketers, who always strive to better understand what drives physician and patient decision-making. In fact, these are critical insights to develop communication and messaging strategies that resonate with both audiences. To optimize outcomes in today’s context, it’s vital to investigate how the changing health and information environment influences the thinking and decision-making of physicians and patients.

At Intellus Worldwide Institute 2022., SKIM presented “Informed and Empowered? Digging deeper to understand the Patient Journey with the Health Information Behavior framework” We will explore the role of health information behavior and how it can help market researchers and pharma marketers to better understand the patient journey, patient needs and wants, and medical decision-making.

Our decision behavior experts, Martijn Huisman and Ivo Moes shared various client case studies which highlight how health information behavior brings together the best of two worlds: academic robustness and concrete applicability to market research based on extensive knowledge of pharma needs to obtain both a nuanced and more detailed perspective of the patient journey, the healthcare decision-making process, and the needs and wants of patients.

What you’ll learn

  • What health information behavior is and why it matters to all of us, especially for the communication/messaging/marketing strategies of pharmaceutical companies
  • The role of health orientation and how this leads to different outlooks and behaviors
  • Types of health information behavior and how they are linked to the Patient Journey
  • Through various case studies of client projects, the practical applicability of health information behavior in market research and examples of output (deliverables)

About the Presenters

Martijn Huisman – Associate Director

Martijn is Associate Director within SKIM’s Global Healthcare practice. He partners with pharmaceutical and med-tech companies to deliver insights across the entire product lifecycle. He has eight years of healthcare market research experience and holds a PhD in health communication and information behavior.

Ivo Moes – Manager

Ivo is Manager within SKIM’s Global Healthcare practice. He has been consulting & collaborating with pharmaceutical, med-tech and consumer health companies in various projects with his quantitative & qualitative research techniques. He holds an MSc and background in the molecular biology of health and disease at Wageningen University & Research.

Intellus Leadership Intro / Trends & Future Survey Findings

What trends are emerging in healthcare research? What does the future hold for our industry? Learn more from the third wave of research conducted by Intellus Worldwide. The Intellus Worldwide’s Trends & Futures Committee conducted the third wave of its annual survey of members on the trends they’ve observed and what they expect to see in the future. In this session, Bill Salokar will share highlights of the survey and newly discovered insights.

About the Presenter

Bill Salokar – VP, Client Solutions

Bill is VP, Client Solutions at SKIM and currently serving as Vice President for Intellus Worldwide. Bill employs his years of experience in statistics, research and marketing to help clients in healthcare and other industries excel in their marketing endeavors.

About Intellus Worldwide

Intellus Worldwide is the leading organization for healthcare insights and analytics, including global manufacturers and service providers within pharmaceuticals, biotech, medical device and diagnostics.  Intellus Worldwide was formed in 2018 through the union of renowned industry associations PBIRG and PMRG, each bringing 50+ years of experience empowering our community through advocacy and professional development.