AI is transforming the way consumers make decisions, from online shopping to healthcare, from travel and personal finance to education.

Understanding the impact of AI on consumer decision making is critical to optimize marketing strategies. However, it requires a nuanced approach that not only leverages AI to increase brand value, but also consciously addresses consumer concerns about AI.

Brand professionals may want to consider:

  • How can we leverage AI to enhance our customer journey, increase brand value and gain a competitive edge in the market?
  • What are the key trends and opportunities for AI integration across different consumer segments?

Based on a hybrid solution that combines quantitative and qualitative data, we will reveal how to improve the customer experience and increase willingness to pay and loyalty by strategically integrating AI-based services.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How different age groups are embracing AI and their expectations and preferences for AI-based services
  • How to build trust and transparency in AI applications, especially in sensitive sectors like health and finance 
  • How to identify and prioritize the AI innovations that drive consumer value and differentiate your brand 
  • How to balance human touch and automation in AI solutions, ensuring that consumers feel in control and comfortable
  • How consumer attitudes toward AI vary across key sectors like online shopping, healthcare, personal finance, travel, and education, and the unique challenges and opportunities for AI integration

Presented by SKIM expert

Katharina Graeser, Associate Director at SKIM

Katharina Graeser
Associate Director Methodology & Analytics

Katharina is an Associate Director and part of SKIM’s Methodology & Analytics team, with a background in sociology and psychology, and over 15 years’ experience in international market research. She is passionate about bridging qualitative and quantitative approaches, developing customized research solutions and uncovering insights that address complex business questions.