Tuesday 19 Sep 2017 Barcelona, Spain

Conjoint analysis training at the SKIM/Sawtooth 2017 European Conference and Training Event

We and Sawtooth Software (USA) were excited to hold our 2017 European Conference and Training Event in Barcelona, Spain! This 4-day European event consisted of various conjoint analysis workshops, tutorials, and conference papers. It brought together market research practitioners and academics to learn about and discuss quantitative methods in marketing research.

Conjoint analysis training event at-a-glance

  • 2 days of CBC workshop
  • 3 days of Becoming an Expert in Conjoint Analysis
  • Random Forests in R
  • New Features in the Market Simulator
  • Introduction to Lighthouse Studio
  • Intermediate Lighthouse Studio
  • Advanced Lighthouse Studio
  • Experimental Conjoint Solutions
  • MBC Modeling Workshop
  • A Practitioner’s View