Thursday 30 Mar 2017 Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Break out: Bringing big data to life at Venture Café

Big Data is everywhere, but how do you put it to good use? On March 30, our Director Methodology & Innovation EU Jeroen Hardon shared the insight on how we help clients create personalized marketing messages using big data at the Thursday Gatherings, Venture Café.

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Insight during Bringing big data to life

Jeroen took us on a journey through the massive amounts of Big Data out there. It is hard to interpret raw Big Data and make predictions on buying behavior. For instance, it is hard to predict buying behavior from just demographic data (gender, age, etc.).

He explained how SKIM untangles collections of Big Data, enriching it with SKIM’s unique survey data. Ultimately finding the reasoning behind buying behavior.

All this helps companies send tailored marketing messages to specific types of customers.

For instance, a big telecom provider in the US would know how to contact a 17-year-old teenager via social media about their new combined offer with an online music streaming service. Yet, they would send a 63-year-old mother an email telling her about their great coverage across the US.

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