As online and mobile shopping continues to grow, the need to accurately predict and effectively influence online decision behavior has never been greater. Do you know what truly drives online decision making, particularly behind “walled-gardens?” Access to behavioral data on popular eCommerce, social media and comparison sites is increasingly limited.

But what if there was a way to confidently break through the online clutter and convert more shoppers into buyers? What if you had insight into how best to optimize your advertising creative and promotions, and what communications, pricing and product assortment strategies would drive engagement and conversion?

Our eCommerce solutions and digital research toolbox leverage deep behavioral insights to help you attract, engage and convert consumers online.

Behind walled-gardens: What drives online decision making?

Predicting online shopper behaviorOnline retailers, like Amazon, Alibaba, etc. and social media sites have quickly transformed into a research hub and starting point for consumers embarking on their shopper journey. However, do you know what specific written or visual stimuli, ads or promos drive CTRs or add-to-basket rates?  Uncovering behavioral data behind walled-gardens have been challenging, until now.

SKIM’s DigiShop predicts digital shopper behavior by realistically replicating popular online environments, including online retailers, price comparison sites and mobile eCommerce applications. It can provide answers to these important questions and can help you guide consumers through their decision loop. With DigiShop you’ll receive specific and actionable optimization recommendations, guidelines and tools to optimize product communications and online assortment and pricing strategies. You’ll also uncover how to maximize the impact of ads and promotions.

eCommerce conversion optimization strategies that work

Optimize Omnichannel Touchpoints

Decision Journey Map example
Uncover the omnichannel triggers and touchpoints that best influence online shoppers

Where do today’s shoppers begin their journey? And how are they engaging with your brand throughout? Questions like these can be especially challenging to answer considering the ever-changing landscape of digital channels (such as the emerging fourth sales channel with digital assistants and Voice search) and the proliferation of non linear purchase models like click and collect services.

SKIM’s unique customer decision journey framework leverages an innovative view of the behavior spectrum to inform successful omnichannel strategies. Find out more about how it can work for you.

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