Background: Declining market share is crushing the company

Elsa Bader is feeling very stressed. As a product manager for MotorCars Unlimited, she’s in charge of managing pricing and the portfolio of car optionals for superminis and family cars. When she joined the company seven years ago, MotorCars Unlimited was doing fairly well.

However, more recently, its market share has taken a hit in the steadily declining automotive market. In fact, unless the company can reverse the sales slump, it may very well have to shut down operations.

The fact is that MotorCars Unlimited is a middle-of-the road car company, with most sales coming from family cars that are not perceived to be very stylish or of extremely high quality. Scrambling to come up with ways to increase sales, the company’s executives decided to position the company as producers of stylish but unpretentious cars targeted at consumers aged 18-35, typically first-time car buyers…

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MotorCars Unlimited strives to set itself apart in the market