The client’s question

Our client, David, who works for an international producer of high-end audio systems, was about to launch an innovative set of television speakers. Hopes were high: the new product was created to introduce a whole new segment of consumers to the world of high-end audio.

However, one question was keeping him and his team of marketers awake at night: how to make the benefit of superior sound quality tangible and relevant to the large population of consumers who are not audio nerds?

Our approach

When David reached out for help, he had already brainstormed a number of benefit statements or claims to use in commercial communication. From the beginning, SKIM worked closely with his team to improve and structure the material.

Following the golden rules we’ve developed from running over 250 communication research studies, we were able to improve the claims even before engaging in any research. We also re-structured the list by key benefits (e.g. sound quality, more emotions from TV, “best of class”, comparative statements), making sure we had enough potential winners for each key benefit area.

We then proceeded to set up an online consumer survey utilizing a MaxDiff exercise to identify the best message to bring to the market.

The results

We provided David with a clear recommendation on the most effective message to use in commercial communication.

To add value beyond the research, we looked into which benefit areas resonated best, qualitatively explaining the reasons behind preferences. He was ecstatic: the combination of qualitative insights backed by quantitative measurements enriched the team’s category understanding and could be used to improve their future communication efforts.

As a result, David confidently crafted an advertisement campaign around the recommended message and successfully introduced the new product in various markets worldwide.