Background: The pressure is on to turn around diminishing returns

As a long-time merchandising manager, Jessica Dupree is accustomed to the pressures associated with hitting quarterly and annual revenue numbers. But these days the strain feels like it has increased ten-fold. That’s because the company she recently joined – Your Furniture Your Way – is seeing lower returns on its products and every executive is turning to her for answers – and a solution.

Your Furniture Your Way, offering build-your-own furniture, has been around for decades and is a well-known company in numerous countries around the world. Its bookshelves, introduced in the 1970s, were the company’s first hit and still are one of its best-selling products. In fact, they are a symbol of what the company stands for: design, value for money, and the ability to adapt to the customer’s your own style and needs.

Jessica joined Your Furniture Your Way just a few months ago, but already loves it. She knows she’s fortunate to be in a role that keeps her challenged, especially working for a company that produces products she can believe in. The same qualities that appeal to her are what keep customers coming back – affordable yet stylish furniture that fits their homes and lifestyles. The problem is that with so many products, optional items and components for each product line, the company has been struggling to turn a profit as of late…

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‘Your Furniture Your Way’ seeks to break out of the mold