SKIM is an innovative and ambitious organization. Our mission is to become the #1 decision behavior expert and trusted partner to the world’s leading organizations.

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Who are SKIMmers? And who are you?

SKIMmers are enthusiastic, smart and ambitious, with a passion to finding meaningful insights. You are looking for a next challenge in after having completed your first phase of your career where you learned about Market Research, preferably within an agency environment.

Are you looking to deep dive and push your own boundaries and competencies within research to a next level? Develop an area of expertise? Want to increase your exposure to a large variety of clients and their complex strategic questions? After a few years’ experience in Market Research, are you looking to become part of a team that gives you space for innovation, that gives you the opportunity to work directly with the industry thought leaders and learn from them? Want to take on more responsibilities? We’d really like to hear from you! 

What can SKIM offer you?

We have many opportunities for you across different industries (FMCG, Tech, Services, Healthcare etc), and we’d like to invite you to learn about the different career paths and innovation projects we have at SKIM. We encourage everybody to dream big and design their own career. You can deep dive into an expertise area and develop your career path towards thought-leadership within your chose area of expertise, or you can become an expert in managing an industry, a team, a part of the business. At SKIM there is no need to wait for an internal vacancy before you have the opportunity to take your next career step. 

SKIM prides itself in being a network organization of experts. Analysts, managers, directors… they collaborate, they complement each other, inspire each other and drive each other’s success. We feel we are a unique organization, a true community of ambitious SKIMmers where we celebrate diversity in talent, experience and background, and believe in equality and inclusiveness. SKIMmers are people, not numbers. Nobody fits in a box at SKIM. 

What we expect from you

Depending on your talent, background and ambitions, we expect you to

  • partner with clients
  • lead projects
  • design complex studies
  • be a trusted adviser
  • manage analysts
  • drive innovation
  • build strong client relationships
  • develop new research tools
  • present at conferences

You are expected to be able to deliver a business goal, manage a group of people on a project, or manage a subject (like a topic of innovation). Your impact is beyond your own work, because you are responsible for ensuring the people around you are successful, your client is successful, or your project is adapted/delivered successfully. This means that you manage several stakeholders and manage several moving elements that all need to come together to ensure success. You are expected to see the bigger picture.

What skills are important to succeed?

Experience in Market Research either from agency or client-side is preferred. If you have experience with Conjoint Research, please call us immediately! Apart from conjoint, we have many amazing other opportunities at SKIM that require excellent client management skills, project management skills and/or advanced analytical skills. When you have several years of MR experience, we expect you to have sound judgement skills; being able to manage, delegate and influence (stakeholders, clients and/or analysts); you are not phased when something doesn’t go according to plan/a last minute change, you are confident to find solutions and oversee the success of your projects. You have developed Business Awareness and understand the bigger dynamics of business, both with regards to SKIM and the client; you understand the importance of innovation.

Additional Information

We hope you are excited about the opportunities @ SKIM!  We can’t wait to review your application and will get back to you in 1-3 weeks.

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