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Bleona is a senior analyst based in Rotterdam. She is passionate about behavioral science, with a focus on consumer emotions and decision-making. She holds a master’s degree in Economic and Consumer Psychology from Leiden University.

Mastering consumer experiences using the power of emotions

Mastering consumer experiences using the power of emotions

By Bleona Bicaj on February 1, 2022

The role of empathy and surprise in consumer interactions

Market changes are constant and inevitable. Your competition isn’t slowing down, and you must react quickly and strategically. When information and innovation travel fast, the costs of a late response are high.

Like many marketers today, you’re forced to make fast decisions and quickly adapt brand strategies.

How can you ensure your communications, products, and services deliver on your brand promise – surprising and delighting consumers?

Mistakes may be inevitable when it comes to consumer experiences, but how can you best rectify them?

We recently conducted research to answer these questions and explore the role of emotions in consumer experiences and decision-making.

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