Monthly SKIM webinars: Join us each month for new insights

In order to bring you even more great answers, we host free SKIM webinars each month. Each session is designed to provide marketers, researchers, and product/brand managers with inspiration and actionable insights you can put into practice in your own organization.

Our webinars are 30-minute sessions which typically take place in the first week of each month, sign-up below to stay informed when registrations open.


Upcoming webinars

Mark your calendars to join us for the following sessions:

How to screen 100+ concepts with MaxDiff
April 6 – Presented by Hans Willems

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Biosimilars: How to stay competitive against a pending new wave of entrants
May 4 – Presented by Adriënne Hoevers – den Hollander

MARS Petcare & SKIM on omnichannel shopping
June 1 – Presented by MARS Petcare and Nikki Smathers

Long term effect of promotions
July 6 – Presented by Maureen Arink


Slides and recording from past SKIM webinars:

Insight acceleration: From 6 weeks to 22 hours of research
March 2 – Presented by Mike Mabey

Understanding millennials requires adapting the research approach
Presented by Julia Görnandt and Nijat Mammadbayli (February 2017)

Brand Driver Analysis – Uncover what drives your brand value in the market
Presented by Juan A. Tello (November 2016)

Best practices in patient recruitment and moderation
Presented by Ana Edelenbosch, Marcel Slavenburg, and Jeroen van den Hoven (October 2016)

Launching a breakthrough innovation: Unspoken™
Presented by Paul Janssen (September 2016)

What W Hotel keyless check-in teaches us about understanding the customer journey
Presented by Patricia Dominguez, Wessel Roose, Alex Xiaoguang Zhu, and Sanjay Sugarek (June 2016)

How to predict choice of lower income consumers
Presented by Robert Dossin and Mike Mabey (May 2016)

Swipe left, swipe right – New implicit method utilizing mobile technology and System 1 & 2
Presented by Scott Garrison and Sean O’Connor (April 2016)

When the marketplace seems too big: Using evoked sets to model how shoppers buy
Presented by Kees van der Wagt and Kevin Lattery (March 2016)

Freedom of choice: How to make your product fit for a market full of choices
Presented by Robin de Rooij and Bill Salokar (February 2016)

How different generations make different purchase decisions
Presented by Robert Dossin (January 2016)

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