Monthly SKIM webinars

Join us each month for new insights

We’re happy to announce that, from September 2014 onward, we will be bringing you a new webinar topic each month. Each session is designed to provide marketers, researchers, and product/brand managers with inspiration and actionable insights you can put into practice in your own organization.

Slides available! November/December: Turning online shops into a happy place” at the Festival of #NewMR

Each webinar will take place at the end of each month. Sign-up below to stay informed when registration becomes open.

  • January: Rationalizing Emotional Marketing
  • February: Using Counter-biosimilar Messaging to Protect your Brand
  • March: Pricing trends in the personal care industry

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Playback recording and get slides of past webinars

Are you interested in webinars on mobile research, global claims, MBC, online moderating, social media, and so much more? Have a look back at our past sessions: Spring 2014Fall 2013, and Spring 2013

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