Webinar “e-Commerce: 5 tips to improve your online sales figures”

We hosted a free webinar on how to optimize your assortment for e-commerce as part of our monthly SKIM webinar sessions. Please feel invited to review our story via the webcast and/or slide deck on this page.

e-Commerce: 5 tips to improve your online sales figures

Presented by:
John Ashraf, Product Owner, Pricing & Portfolio
Scott Garrison, Manager

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About the webinar

Sales are increasingly migrating to online retail. In traditional retail, marketers have decades of proven insight to fall back on. Online retail environments are less mature and are more technically driven. Time is extremely limited in the real world of e-commerce. As such, the sales process needs to be short, sweet, and effectively optimized for the digital shelf.

In our webinar, we explained how, in a research environment, we have the opportunity to experiment with different ways of guiding the consumer through the sales process.

By creating virtual online shopping environments that mimic online retail stores such as the Amazon website or the Amazon mobile app we can learn how to optimize the online shopping process, the stores, and the products on display.

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