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SKIM, an international market research agency, will kick-off a new series of free educational webinars on April 25, 2014. Each value-packed webinar is designed to provide marketers, researchers, and product/brand managers with actionable insights they can put into practice in their own organizations. To register, visit

Friday, April 25; 10:30am CEST and 1:00pm EDT
By Juan Andrés Tello, Senior Director Americas, and Ellen Lueb, Senior Research Analyst

Companies are often pressed to do more with less, managing frugal operations with ever tightening budgets. Marketing managers are requested to allocate their marketing dollars more efficiently to instigate change in consumers and gain incremental users to their brands; however, the available body of knowledge on promotion effectiveness is often incomplete, disaggregate, and sometimes anecdotal.

SKIM takes on the challenge of systematically measuring and comparing the effectiveness of 20+ types of promotions across 4 countries, for two CPG product categories. To add a fundamental layer to our understanding of what works and doesn’t work across markets, we aim to identify key underlying behavioral economic principles driving the success of certain promotions.

Friday, May 9; 10:30am CEST and 1:00pm EDT
By Jeroen Hardon, Senior Executive Consultant

Why would you (or we) create a manual research design for your conjoint project if research software can automatically generate one? Because this enables us to better answer your business questions.

In this webinar, Jeroen Hardon, Senior Executive Consultant at SKIM and a thought leader in the field of conjoint analysis, will dive into the use of manual research designs for conjoint studies. In a non-technical way, Jeroen will show how manual research designs give the researcher greater control. By discussing 3 pitfalls to avoid, he will illustrate how manual research designs are better capable to represent the business problem and market reality at hand, and how they allow for maximization of the information value of respondent trade-offs.

Friday, May 23; 10:30am CEST and 1:00pm EDT
By Hannah Baker Hitzhusen, Senior Director Healthcare, and Mike Mabey, VP Client Solutions Americas

What happens when you have a very small target patient population and you want to understand—in depth—their patient journey, the ongoing therapy experience, and triggers and barriers to therapy choice? This challenge of small sample size affects many decisions in the pharmaceutical world, given the emphasis on niche drugs and narrowly defined patient populations.

The patient experience we wished to understand occurs over a period of time, so we recruited respondents for an eight-week online bulletin board. Our webinar will give insight into the recruiting methods, and examples of how we used a creative combination of qualitative and quantitative tools and exercises to keep the questions fresh, keep respondents engaged, and develop insightful information about their patient journeys.

Friday, June 6; 10:30am CEST and 1:00pm EDT
By Gerard Loosschilder, Partner and Chief Innovation Officer

Mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones are the survey platforms of the future. At SKIM, we’re preparing for this future by adapting survey interaction design to the specifics of mobile; shorter and more engaging choice exercises, with fewer choice tasks and fewer options per task. However, when doing this, we must make sure that the results of a mobile Choice-Based Conjoint (CBC) study are valid; as in, it delivers the same results as the same CBC study would on a traditional platform.

Gerard will share the results in empirical comparative studies between mobile and traditional CBC, to determine if and when the results of a mobile CBC are valid. Based on these results, they provided guidelines to determine when it is right to utilize mobile CBC.

Friday, June 20; 10:30am CEST and 1:00pm EDT
By Carlo Borghi, Research Manager, and Oskar Tourneld, Director

Managers of global brands often have to strike a balance between effective positioning in each country and a consistent global strategy. In our webinar, we’ll use a business case to showcase a practical solution to this dilemma.

We will share how a leading personal care brand could identify the best global benefit area and the most effective way to claim it in each country. This is achieved by a combination of communication expertise and innovative research methods. We’ll start by providing examples of region-specific differences in claims preference. We’ll follow with practical tips on how to build claims that are effective in every region.

We’ll then introduce an innovative evolutionary algorithm that allows the testing of any number of claims, relieving technical boundaries of previous research methods. The new algorithm enables powerful exploration of new benefit areas and cross-testing of all claims between countries, making sure that no high potential benefit area is ever overlooked.

SKIM is an expert in the field of new product development, communication and pricing decisions, offering strategic insights and customized solutions to support clients in the development and review of their marketing strategies. To learn more about the research services offered by SKIM or to register for one of the new marketing webinars, visit

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