SKIM’s Fall 2013 Marketing Research Webinar Series

SKIM, an international market research agency, will kick off its 2013 Fall Webinar Series with “Menu-Based Conjoint: A new approach for designing and pricing medical devices”, presented by research consultants Paolo Cordella and Jemma Lampkin on Thursday, November 7. Registration for the entire series is available at

November 7, 2013
3pm CET & 1pm EST
Presenters: Paolo Cordella and Jemma Lampkin

Product managers and marketers of medical devices have always faced the challenge of determining the right features to include in a device while identifying the perceived value of those features. More and more, medical device manufacturers are allowing customers to customize their devices or purchase additional add-on solutions.

Because of this, product managers often need to know how willing customers are to pay for specific features and what kind of price barriers they may face in the market. In the past, techniques like Choice-Based Conjoint (CBC) and Adaptive CBC were used to answer these questions, but there were many drawbacks to these approaches.

SKIM’s presenters explore Menu-Based Conjoint (MBC) analysis as an optimal methodology to determine feature pricing and strategy for the medical device industry. While the SKIM Spring 2013 webinar on MBC focused on finding the optimal product or menu configurations, this webinar explores how to find the right price for product features and identify your “killer” features that will truly drive the product’s value.

November 21, 2013
3pm CET & 1pm EST
Presenters: Gerard Loosschilder and Ellen Lueb

Setting the right price is vital, because price is a key marketing lever and it expresses brand value in a competitive context. The question is: how far can the brand increase prices while securing revenue? The answer is: Up to the point where the price change is no longer offset by the perceived value of the product or service.

The tipping point depends on the brand’s and product’s price elasticity. The brand can only raise prices without being penalized if elasticity is low. The key is to focus on setting the right price in balance with the brand’s value. Gerard and Ellen will explore SKIM’s recent meta-analysis of over 200 pricing studies, providing valuable insights on how to achieve that balance.

December 5, 2013
3pm CET & 1pm EST
Presenters: Carlo Borghi and Eline van der Gaast

Imagine you are working on a new product development concept, a new package design, or a new creative campaign. What if the best concept is one you never even considered? When there are endless design possibilities, numerous internal stakeholders, and a tight deadline, the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. That’s why SKIM’s new Dynamic Optimization tool goes straight to the consumer to identify the best concept out of thousands of possibilities.

SKIM’s presenters will share how this research technique can be used to optimize new product concepts but also packaging designs, brochures, ads, etc. SKIM’s Dynamic Optimization marks a definite improvement over current practice, dominated by experts opinions and research that only provides validation, as opposed to true discovery and optimization.

December 18 and 19, 2013
3pm CET & 1pm EST
Presenters: Gerard Loosschilder and John Ashraf

Mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones are the survey platforms of the future. SKIM is preparing for this future by adapting survey interaction design to the specifics of mobile; shorter and more engaging choice exercises, with fewer choice tasks and fewer options per task. However, when doing this, one must make sure that the results of a mobile Choice-Based Conjoint (CBC) study are valid; as in, it delivers the same results as the same CBC study would on a traditional platform.

John and Gerard will share the results in empirical comparative studies between mobile and traditional CBC, to determine if and when the results of a mobile CBC are valid. Based on these results, they will provide guidelines to determine when it is right to utilize mobile CBC.

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